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The Doktor Marchewka Fundation

Good eyesight is key

  • What are the Foundation’s aims?

    Doktor Marchewka focuses not only on being innovative. Corporate Social Responsibility operations are also crucial to us. These require changing the way we think, implementing non-standard methods, and working together with all social partners in order to improve the social and economic situation of others, or creating new ways to help society. This is why the company participates in many social campaigns and uses these chances to teach others about the importance of good eyesight.

  • Where can you meet us?

    free, computer eye tests outside of our optical offices (at picnics, concerts, regional events, etc.) throughout the country. During these consultations our specialists inform patients about vision correction and offer advice on which eyeglasses will help them gain better sight.

  • What are the results of our actions?

    Since our founding we have computer-tested 0.5 million people, free of charge. And the numbers keep growing! The “Gift of the Earth” days in Gdynia are our flagship event – 1,000 people tested.

  • We are changing Poland’s Optics!

    We have sent an Appeal to the President of the Republic of Poland, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health, and Education as well as to the National Health Fund to provide immediate actions in order to preserve the eyesight of the Polish people. Doktor Marchewka also organises a Poland-wide social campaign “Love=Test” under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education. During this event we have provided (free of charge) vision screening for more than 80 thousand Polish primary school kids, grades 1-3.

  • The PIKO school guarantees working in your profession!

    In order to fill the gap in our educational system and help young people who do not know how to start their professional career Doktor Marchewka has founded the Polish Optician Education Institute (Polski Instytut Kształcenia Optyków, or simply PIKO). This unique educational organisation guarantees that its graduates will find work in their profession, being able to interlink their knowledge with practical skills by co-operating with the Doktor Marchewka optical store network. This is the only school in Poland with the Polish Innovation Award 2015, granted by the Polish Enterprise Agency and the editorial staff of “Forum Przedsiębiorczości” of the “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. What’s more, the school provides its students with substantial scholarships.

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