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Why Doktor Marchewka? 🙂

Ciekawostki Marchewkowe

  • Why the name Doktor Marchewka?

    Doktor Marchewka is “Doctor Carrot” in English. The origin of the name stems from the fact that this vegetable includes substantial amounts (6.15-9.02 mg/100 g) of beta-Carotene, a substance that is responsible for proper sight.

  • Doktor Marchewka achievements!

    We are so proud! This year we have been awarded (again) with the Silver Consumer Laurel 2017 in the Optical Store category and the Grand Prix Laurel for dynamic growth. Thank you for your votes! In 2017 we have joined by way of elimination the Polish National Innovation League, whose aim is to measure innovative operations of Polish companies.

  • We are counting on…

    our innovative solutions in the form of eyeglass lenses catalogue, customer relations, strict procedures for eyesight diagnostics, free of charge optical tests for everyone, opticians’ education, vision therapy, post-sale support becoming an encouragement for others to use these good practices throughout our industry. We hope that in the future they will become strategic to the Polish optical sector.

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