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Eye clinics


More and more often we notice an increase in eyesight problems, both in the case of adults and children. This situation stems from our lifestyle, namely being exposed to blue light from LED screens for hours..
Many customers appear in our offices with problems, which can only be diagnosed by specialised doctors. Our Eye Clinics offer such medical consultations.

  • Optometrist
    – diagnoses eyesight problems: near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia

    – diagnoses complex vision dysfunctions: heterophoria and strabismus, issues with accommodation and its efficiency, convergence, divergence, eyeball movements

    – selects sight help – corrective glasses, contact lenses or prism correction

    – provides vision therapy
  • Orthoptist
    – diagnoses basic eye problems: near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia

    – diagnoses all types of strabismus as well as issues with the setting and movement of eyeballs

    – identifies issues with accommodation, its efficiency, convergence, divergence
    – plans and provides vision training
    – plans and provides pleoptic exercises
  • Ophthalmologist – your first contact in emergency cases: injuries, foreign bodies, allergies
    – diagnoses and provides eye treatment
    – diagnoses basic eyesight problems for adults and children

Good eyesight is not only about seeing clearly. It also performs more than 20 other functions. Correcting eyesight can be performed with many methods. One of them is vision therapy

Vision therapy deals with rehabilitating those dysfunctions which cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. Very often it is the best alternative to surgery in the case of strabismus. It can also be responsible for preparing a patient before a surgery or their rehabilitation afterwards. Therapy is implemented not only in the case of advanced problems, but also when we want to eliminate simple, yet annoying, issues such as tiredness or lack of eye efficiency at work. Vision therapy helps improve, develop and train vision skills. Vision therapy helps us perceive faster, read without getting tired, maintain vision focus. We gain not only time, but also comfort at work and when relaxing. In the case of children the therapy “turns on” weakened vision and stimulates the process of proper seeing.

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  • Doktor Marchewka Eye Clinic – Warsaw
    Marynarska 15 (budynek New City)
    02-674 Warszawa
    tel: 728 301 805
  • Doktor Marchewka Eye Clinic – Chorzów
    Świętego Piotra 9
    41-500 Chorzów
    tel: 600 906 899
  • Doktor Marchewka Eye Clinic – Lublin
    ul. Zwycięska 6A (Galeria Zone między Tesco a Obi)
    20-555 Lublin
    tel: 532 414 460
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