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  • Do you love working with people?

If yes, then you fulfil the first requirement for working with us as a customer assistant.
We will teach you how to talk with customers, present our offer and select eyeglasses on the basis of their features. Additionally, we provide a series of optical trainings, so you always know what you are selling!

  • Do you have any experience in the eyeglasses sector?

If you finished an optician’s school and can prove your right to work as an optician with the proper certificate, then we will welcome you with open arms!

In order to increase your abilities we will teach you new skills at the Polish Optician Education Institute, where we guarantee substantial scholarships.

  • Are you responsible enough to manage a team?

If you think that talking with employees, providing them with challenges and awarding them when they are efficient is key to proper management, apply to become a store manager. Prove that you can solve issues and motivate the team properly.

  • Are you experienced in treating small and big patients?

If you finished optometric studies or acquired the rights to work as an orthoptist, and are not afraid of eye problems, apply for working as an optometric or orthoptist.

Our motto is SO EVERYONE CAN SEE BETTER. We will gladly welcome anyone who wants to join us on this mission!

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